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Foundation Check

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by Kristen C. Strocchia

“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalms 11:3

Image result for cracked house foundation + imageA friend of mine from Sweden shared with me that a recent version of the Bible printed in Swedish was prefaced with the sentence, “This book is a myth.” If anyone believes this opening line, then that negates any reason to read the Bible. Of course, God didn’t inspire that preface sentence as He did the actual scriptures contained within that Swedish Bible [2 Timothy 3:16]. Some human being wrote that of their own accord, and a publishing company allowed it to go to print.

But I would take this a step further, if anyone believes that any sentence within the inspired Word of God is false, then it negates every other truth therein.

A bold claim? Yes. But faith in God must be bold.

This world would like to wear away at the foundation of the Word of God in our lives. They would like us to question the Bible on any part. Any part. It doesn’t matter which one. Because Satan knows that once we start to doubt just one sentence or phrase in scripture that he has a foot in the door to our undoing. One piece of doubt will begin to darken other things that once seemed clear. One piece of doubt spreads like yeast filling bread dough with air bubbles until our understanding is nothing but fluff, deflated by a single punch–which he will be ready and willing to furnish.

Transfer this idea to the Bible’s foundation–Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The world would like us to question every aspect of this fundamental truth. When was the beginning? Was there really a God there? The God? Are there any heavens? Did God actually create the earth? Did He create it the way He said He did?

You see, if we start from the Swedish Bible outlook, then this sentence, and every other, is a myth. But if we begin with a firm foundation of faith in God–absolute certainty of what we hope for, but cannot see–then this truth informs our understanding of every other scripture and the world around us.

So what can the righteous do when the foundations are being destroyed? We can check to make sure that our foundation is firmly built on the rock of our salvation. We can study our foundation to know it better and, thereby, sure up our faith.

What is the foundation of your faith built on? If you profess to believe it, how well do you know God’s Word?


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