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God Could’ve Made Us Mermaids

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by Kristen C. Strocchia

“Then God said, ‘Let there be a space between the waters, to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth.’ And that is what happened. God made this space to separate the waters of the earth from the waters of the heavens. God called the space ‘sky.’ And evening passed and morning came, marking the second day.” Genesis 1:6-8 [NLT]

Image result for Blue Sky with Clouds BackgroundWhen God said that His spirit hovered over the face of deep, He wasn’t kidding! The water was deep enough to cover both earth and sky. But God–who obviously didn’t intend for human beings to be merfolks [else we would be]–spoke sky between the waters.

Just like light, sky–breathable air–would  be necessary later when God populated the earth that He was forming.

And sky almost feels like too sterile of a term here, unless we take the time to consider all of the intricacies of the air we breathe–nitrogen [important for plant growth], oxygen [for human respiration]; argon [which helps insulate and shield], carbon dioxide [for plant respiration], small amounts of various other elements, and water vapor [important to both plant and animal and human health].

We should also consider how perfectly balanced God created the respiration exchange between plants and animals and humans to be. And how the play of sky and waters creates our weather and seasons to this very day without fail.

Incredible by design! He’s so worthy of all our praise!

And the heavenly body of water wasn’t hung above the sky for nothing, either. Some Creation scientists believe that this water layer acted as a protective barrier from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing the original inhabitants of earth–who lived hundreds of years–to lead healthier lives and maybe even to stay wrinkle free longer! They also believe that this layer exerted atmospheric pressure, creating conditions much like a hyperbaric chamber which is used for healing and stimulating plants to grow to gigantic proportions today.

Unfortunately, as a result of sin, this protective water covering came crashing down to the earth in the flood of Noah’s day, so we no longer have the benefits of the perfect design that God intended for us. Sin always takes a toll, damaging the Creation so that it no longer works according to God’s perfect design, and not just in nature. Human genetics have also suffered as has every other part of Creation.

But God has designed a plan to restore it all! And it is incredible! He is so worthy of our worship!

No, He’s not planning to make us all mermaids after all [though you can check the book of Revelation for yourself to be sure I haven’t missed something]. Better yet, we who believe in Him will get to live forever in the perfect heaven and earth that He intended for us from the Creation.

Do you give God the praise and worship He deserves as Creator? Have you accepted His restoration plan for your life?


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