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Great-Great-Great-Odd Grandma

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by Kristen C. Strocchia

“Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.” Genesis 3:20

Image result for multiethnic babiesThe first name change in human history came when Adam renamed his wife. Now Adam’s name meant man, because he was the one and only man in all of Creation. And originally, his wife was only called woman–which means taken from man–because she was fashioned from Adam’s rib bone.

In fact, for the entire Genesis 3 account of the Fall of Man, she is called only by her original name–woman. The serpent calls her woman. Adam calls her woman. God calls her woman. And she answers.

But after sin was brought into the world by their choice, after God explains what has resulted because of their disobedience, Adam–with his understanding wide open–renames his wife. Eve means life or living.

This is possibly the first time that it occurred to him that he and Eve would have human children the way that the animals also bore young after their own kind. And at this point, Adam is also aware that there aren’t any other humans on the planet. God didn’t create anyone else besides one man and one woman.

Science and anthropology would like us to believe that different races–Caucasian, African, Asian–each started separate from one another. That is, that there was a first Negroid human who was in no way related to the first Caucasoid human, and that neither of these were in any way related to the first Mongoloid human. And that these reproduced after their own races since the dawn of human history until man started to travel into each other’s lands and intermingle with one another. However, God’s Word is clear. Eve became the mother of all the living, and her husband Adam became the father–every single person on the planet today came from this first couple.

That means that every possible genetic combination was present in Adam and Eve, and that their children possibly looked like a table of nations when they sat for dinner. Or possibly, it took several generations for the genes to differentiate themselves into racial distinctions; perhaps some genetic possibilities were lost in the flood and others disappeared when people groups were scattered by languages after the Tower of Babel.

Whichever the case, one thing is certain–every human being ever to live on planet earth have the same two ancestors in common…and they weren’t apes!

How does this understanding challenge what you’ve learned in science or history class in school? How does it shape your understanding of your own existence and your part in God’s plan?


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