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Lamech MacSeth

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by Kristen C. Strocchia

“When Lamech had lived 182 years, he had a son. He named him Noah and said, ‘He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed.’ After Noah was born, Lamech lived 595 years and had other, and then he died.” Genesis 5:28-30

Image result for Black Father and Newborn SonSeven generations after Seth, Lamech was born to the oldest man who ever lived–Methuselah [whose father had such a devout relationship with God that he was raptured thousands of years before Jesus even came and prophesied about our future rapture!] And, unlike the Lamech born in the line of Cain, it seems that this Lamech held some of his granddaddy Enoch’s regard for God.

Here we hear Lamech prophesying over his son, Noah’s, life [5:29]. Noah–meaning peace, rest, repose, consolation–would bring comfort. But who’s the us referred to? Obviously, Lamech himself may have found Noah a comfort in his lifetime as fathers and sons should be to one another. And Noah may have in fact spelled Lamech from some of his work when he was of age to help.

But look deeper. In the world, sinful man was alienated from their Creator God. In other words, there was hostility between man and God. Human beings needed not only to be redeemed [restored to their rightful sonship to God], but they also needed to be reconciled [restored to their rightful relationship with God–a relationship of peace].

Lamech named Noah peace because he understood that God would restore the peace of mankind to Himself through Noah and his line. He references the Genesis 3:17 curse spoken to Adam, which was only reversible by God’s plan of redemption, which, in Lamech’s lifetime, had not yet come to pass.

However, through Noah, God would bless the one family whose patriarch still held onto a right faith in God, and He would condemn all other lifestyles through the destruction of the only worldwide flood in world history. Through Noah, God would restart the world as at the Creation and preserve a family line through which He could send His promised redemption to restore the peace between God and man. Through Noah’s line, the world would come to have the Way, the Truth and the Life in the person of Jesus Christ, who Himself is our peace. Who Himself is coming again–having prepared a place for those who believe in Him [John 14:1-3]–to find eternal rest from the painful labor and toil of the sin-cursed earthly life.

How sad, that 595 years of childrearing Noah and his siblings, that Noah is the only one who remained faithful to God. Many of those destroyed in the flood were his immediate family. But Lamech died before the flood at a good old age of 777. Unlike his distant-great-uncle, Lamech McCain, who claimed 77 fold vengeance for the murders he committed [Genesis 4:24], Lamech MacSeth was blessed 777 fold for his faith in God.

There is no middle ground. No fence to walk between sinfulness and holiness. Either we believe in God and pursue right living. Or we deny God and pursue self-living. Which Lamech are you? Do you believe in God? Will you accept His redemption in your life? Will you be reconciled to Him and know peace?


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