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Disregarding Consequences

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“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Image result for back to charging bullGod is sovereign. Period. There is no other authority in all Creation and no other god who created all that is. Still, people reject His existence. They reject His ordinances. They reject His Word. They reject His Son and His people. They reject His supreme authority and power and dominion in their lives.

But they cannot reject the consequences of their own sin. Everyone will die once and will stand in judgment before God whether they accepted Him or not [Hebrew 9:27]. And everyone will spend eternity somewhere–either in heaven or in hell [Matthew 25:31-46].

Moreover, everyone has the freewill–in this life–to choose their eternal destination, but the offer expires when we do. And refusing to acknowledge God before this world and live according to His Word, does not in anyway nullify the consequence of our rebellion. It’s completely futile.

Even the world considers it foolish to act without considering and heeding the consequences.

Yet many people live as if that might be the case. If I don’t look at God, then He won’t see me. If I imagine this world came from a cosmic burp, then I can live as my own god with a clear conscience and claim ignorance when I meet the real God. If I pursue inner and world peace, then I will be good enough just in case there really is a Big Guy Upstairs to contend with in the hereafter. Or how about, If I can fault God for being unloving and unjust, then He can’t hold it against me when the time comes–that wouldn’t be just!

The problem with each of these viewpoints is that they all put the human in control. We give ourselves the authority to preside over God’s authority, and it will never work. Satan already tried it, and he didn’t gain control or power, he got banished and condemned. Adam and Eve already tried it, on Satan’s say-so, and they got banished and condemned too. But the difference is this, by grace, Adam and Eve and every one of their descendants have the choice to repent of their self-usurped authority and have the opportunity, through faith, to be reinstated into the kingdom of God with full rights of God’s own children.

Is there any authority in your life that you heed more than God? Is there any portion of God’s Sovereignty that you have rejected? Have you assumed God’s throne in your own heart?



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